05 September 2010

On getting it

Declaration of interest: I have a Skoda (Diesel Octavia Estate--perhaps the least "cool" car imaginable) and I am delighted with it. Obviously no-one would pay me for as oblique an endorsement as this. Indeed, I might not have noticed the ad. at all had I not owned the product and had the theme in mind. So much for potential corruption. Chance would be a fine thing!  However...

The strap-line for the current Skoda TV ad campaign is; "Manufacturer of happy drivers."

Not of "great cars", even if they are (and I am old enough to remember Skoda jokes.)

They've got the point--and analogously the main point for beginning teachers.

Good teachers are "manufacturers of accomplished learners".

Now why did I say "accomplished"?

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  1. Desperately uncool, but cheap, practical and reliable. I should know - I've got one too!


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