05 May 2012

Items to share: 5 May

Education Focus
  • The Learning Paradox (Farnam Street) On "productive failure" (another version is here). This works for students who will not be de-motivated--an appropriate "mindset" is critical. (See also Tim Harford's latest: "Adapt; why success always starts with failure" [2011])
  • Against Chairs Silly opening, but overall an interesting account of the history of the chair. Don't just sit there!
  • Pseud's corner-- a film about Slavoj Zizek I'm getting all post-modern... I'm drawing attention to this only in order to encourage you to ignore it. Although since the linked article takes a similar stance, perhaps two negatives make a positive? A few years ago, I did spend/waste almost a working week trying to suspend disbelief and evaluate this guy, from his own writings; so Zizek (or his gullible academic acolytes) robbed me of time which I could have spent more profitably washing the car or cleaning the cooker or doing practically anything. They deserved (perhaps) seconds, and I gave them hours.

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