06 January 2014

Items to Share: 5 January 14

Retrospective and Prospective
Education Focus
  • Double Standard of Critical Thinking — dyske.com 'Whenever I hear teachers and parents talking about how important “critical thinking” is, I feel bitter about their double-standard. I’ve met very few people in my life who actually welcomed critical thinking when it was directed at them.' 
  • A Systems Thinker Reviews The Atlanta Public Schools' Performance in Reading and Math[s] (artofteachingscience.org) 'Ed Johnson is a systems thinker. [...] His commitment extends to advocating the transformation of K-12 public education systems to humanistic paradigms from prevailing mechanistic paradigms. In this regard, he believes schools can not be improved by trying to improve the parts separately. It is a sure path to failure.'
  • Who learns in maths classes depends on how maths is taught (theconversation.com) 'the outcomes for different groups of students were dramatic in IBL classes compared to non-IBL classes. Implementing inquiry-based learning approaches in mathematics improved outcomes not only of high achieving students, but also females, future mathematics teachers and low achieving students.'
Other Business 
  • Talking Without Conversing (andrewsullivan.com) It's a familiar theme, but a couple more thoughts on the impact of digital communication on social relations.
  • The Closing of the Scientific Mind: David Gelernter (Commentary Magazine)  'The huge cultural authority science has acquired over the past century imposes large duties on every scientist. Scientists have acquired the power to impress and intimidate every time they open their mouths, and it is their responsibility to keep this power in mind no matter what they say or do. Too many have forgotten their obligation to approach with due respect the scholarly, artistic, religious, humanistic work that has always been mankind’s main spiritual support.' A substantial piece (6,100 words) but a meaty start to the year...

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