12 August 2013

Items to Share: 11 August

Education Focus
  • Ideas: Faking It "The son of friends of ours is required by his teacher to spend twenty minutes a day reading and report on doing so. He is being taught that reading is a chore to be done only under compulsion. Someone who follows the rules may never discover that reading is fun, since he will be cutting the book into twenty minute chunks instead of reading right through it. Our conclusion was that the best solution was to read the book and lie to the teacher, reporting a single two hours as six daily twenty minute sessions. The teacher, or whoever made the rules he is following, starts with the observation that reading a lot correlates with desirable outcomes and concludes that the way to get those outcomes is to compel children to read—whether they like it or not. The likely result is exactly the opposite of the one intended." The power of hidden messages...
Other Business
  • BBC - Blogs - Adam Curtis - BUGGER : Isn't the history of espionage and counter-espionage most elegantly explained by the hypothesis of the total ineptitude of the services involved? Both funny and disconcerting, as one might expect of Adam Curtis. "The recent revelations by the whistleblower Edward Snowden were fascinating. But they - and all the reactions to them - had one enormous assumption at their heart. That the spies know what they are doing."

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