08 July 2013

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  • MindMup Free on-line cloud-based mind-mapping.
  • The greatest literary takedowns of all time - Salon.com 'The most serious-minded takedowns detect a moral failing in the putative giant. Bertrand Russell [...] assailed no less a figure than Socrates in his wonderful (and deliciously readable) A History of Western Philosophy, writing, “He is dishonest and sophistical in argument, and in his private thinking he uses intellect to prove conclusions that are to him agreeable, rather than in a disinterested search for knowledge. There is something smug and unctuous about him, which reminds one of a bad type of cleric.”'
  • Who cares? The crisis of kindness in the NHS | Alka Sehgal Cuthbert | spiked  "If anything, the proposed ever-tighter regulation of those doing the caring – nurses, doctors, and so on – is likely to exacerbate this crisis of care. That’s because the act of caring depends upon the moral autonomy of the individual carer; it cannot be externally coerced or regulated into being." and 

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