08 April 2013

Items to Share: 7 April

Education Focus
  • It's a Flipping Revolution - Do Your Job Better - The Chronicle of Higher Education  'For those who haven't been paying attention, "flipping" is a teaching technique that involves abandoning the traditional lecture (or just not relying on it so much) and replacing it with interactive approaches that experiment with technology and require students to gather information outside of class and be prepared to engage the material in class, rather than sit passively listening to a faculty member talk.' 
  • The philistines have taken over the classroom | Frank Furedi | spiked "In recent decades, education has been transformed into an instrument of public policy, a means for achieving objectives that are entirely external to learning. Education is now expected to put right the failures of adult society, to transform apathetic youngsters into responsible citizens. Education is meant to promote social mobility, multiculturalism, responsible sex, sound financial behaviour and emotional wellbeing, and to provide youngsters with a variety of key skills. [...] The teaching of knowledge itself, for its own sake, is frequently dismissed as an old-fashioned custom that is not relevant to the twenty-first century." Frank lays about him with characteristic gusto! 
Other Business
  • Is CPR for the victim or the bystanders? : The Last Word On Nothing  'David Newman, director of clinical research in the department of medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, says: “It’s crazy talk to believe that everybody should always get this invasive, punishing burdensome procedure when we know that the overwhelming majority — even the people who might be considered the most appropriate — are not going to survive it,” ' 

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  1. That differential video is amazing! So beautifully clear!


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