25 March 2013

Items to Share: 24 March

Education Focus
  • What can science tell us about how pupils learn best? | Pragmatic Education "In this blog post I want to strip cognitive science down to its essence, and apply two litmus tests: One. To what extent is the scientific research robust, peer-reviewed and rewarding when re-read? Two. To what extent does the scientific evidence have practical classroom applications that reward re-using?"
Other Business
  • Why Americans Are the WEIRDest People in the World  --and what that does to the body of psychological knowledge gained by studying them. (White, Educated, Individualistic, Rich and Democratic.) And that might link with this: The Emergence of Niceness | Synthesis  The body of economic literature will have to change, suggests new research. [...]The results explain some intriguing findings in experimental economics and [the authors] call for a new economic theory of “networked minds”. 
  • wuglife: Exploring grammar via Sesame Street.  "This is some of my favourite linguistics work - taking common prejudices and expectations and showing that things are a whole lot more nuanced and impressive than that. It’s the kind of work you want to share with as many people as possible to start breaking down the very judgmental ideas many have about language." 

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