13 May 2012

Items to share: 12 May (belated)

Education focus:
  • Do We Need the Next Generation Science Standards?: OK, the question presupposes "No", of course. It's US-centric, so the point of the link is not the detail--it is the downright incomprehensibility of the whole thing, and losing sight of the wood for the trees.
  • Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor Prezi continues to evolve and become more flexible, but I confess I haven't found it as useful as I expected. Its vertiginous zooms require great restraint, and are often more distracting than illuminating (same goes for the dancers above), and there are ways of getting the same effects (for teaching purposes, at least) with more conventional means.
Other business:
  • Saturday 8 May 1669 (Pepys' Diary): Why mention this now? Because this "real-time" replay of the world's most famous diary--with scholarly annotations--concludes at the end of this month, and although the archive will continue, there's something about the quotidien revelations which relies on their sequential publication, especially because much of Pepys' life was as boring as ours! I hope there will be a replay. 

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