28 April 2012

Items to share: 28 April


  • BPS Origins An excellent interactive timeline (from 1900) of the history of psychology--I hope it continues to grow in detail.
  • "Rupert Murdoch--a portrait of Satan" Adam Curtis reprises an earlier feature on relations between the BBC and Murdoch; not as conspiracy-focused as usual, but compelling nonetheless.
  • A Point of View: In defence of obscure words Will Self--inimitable (fortunately)--but I have to agree with him this time. A few months ago I was instructed to remove all Latin phrases from a course handbook (syllabus), particularly the notoriously difficult "et al." in case the students didn't understand them. I had naively thought we were in the business of expanding their understanding, not restricting ours... I somehow never got round to complying, and as expected no-one ever checked, and the person making the demands has quietly left the university.
Education focus 
  • Great Lives: George Lyward (BBC Radio 4) I only met GL twice, shortly before he died and some maintain he was then "past it", but even so he was simply one of the most extraordinary people I have ever encountered. This is a great attempt at a tribute by Tom Robinson, but sadly it was bound to fall short... 

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