11 February 2012

Items to share (11 February)

  • The wisdom of crowds strikes again--quite unexpectedly--with a new font.
  • Indulge me! I've actually read Julian Jaynes' magnum opus (and foolishly lent it to someone about 20 years ago and never got it back). This is a good review of a great and original (if indeed totally wrong-headed) idea, which is so much less likely to see the light of day today, with the imprimatur of a respected publisher. The freedom of the air-headed blogosphere, where anyone can say anything, has diluted the potency of such serious fancies to nil. The absence of any bar to publication has undermined the value of it...
  • I've been longing to know this for years! 

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  1. Jaynes was so thorough, many examples, many angles of view. It makes me a bit sad to see his theory dismissed out of hand.


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