06 November 2011

On new film library

Thanks to the Advances in the History of Psychology blog for publicising this new initiative from the University of Chicago, digitising and making available some classic clips, including Watson's "Little Albert" conditioning experiments from 1920.

Until recently, I should just have added it with one click to my "Shared Items", and a link would automatically have popped up in the side bar, but Google Reader has now dropped that feature (in favour of forcing one to use Google+, which is not the same thing at all. So "Shared Items" will gradually dwindle and I'll have to post directly about stuff which catches my eye.


  1. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I'm very new to teaching and can honestly say that my first 3hour lesson alone with my adult learners, was an experience!

    Technology was not on my side that day, probably due to mistakes i was making but I am not taking all the blame. The clips will be a great idea for my group (once i gain a little of their trust). This may take a little longer than i had hoped as i fell flat on my face in the first lesson!

    Thank you

  2. @Anonymous:

    If teaching is anything like driving then the best teachers are the ones who fall flat on their faces sometimes. It's a sign that you're trying and when you stop falling on your face it's a sign that you're not developing any more. I passed my driving test the first time and I'm still a mediocre driver - at best!


    Please do keep posting the links that you would have put in your Shared Items - even the trivial ones - and I don't say this because my own posts featured occasionally. I was really disappointed to find that Google had dropped this function because I often stop by your blog to check out your latest shared items. Maybe you could do a round-up every now and then like Mind Hacks used to do with their sadly all too infrequent Spike Activity.



  3. Thanks, Jim. A weekly summary is a great idea--I'll try to work out some relatively efficient way of doing it.



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