01 February 2011

On a thoughtful debate

The link is to Angie Greenham's Craft Baker blog, which I have just come across. Angie is a fan of Ken Robinson, and she follows up the linked piece with another continuing the argument.

Incidentally, here is a link to an animation of one of Sir Ken's recent talks (October 2010) which is not only impressive as a multi-channel communication exercise, but a whirlwind tour of his thinking.

I'm afraid that as I commented some time ago, I find Sir Ken's thinking utopian, sympathetic though I may be to his vision. He is thinking along similar lines to Matthew Crawford and Richard Sennett, but I can't help thinking that their vision is a sort of 21st century arts and crafts movement, and about as relevant to most of us as William Morris and co. were to their contemporaries.

Even so, it's a good debate to have, even if the answers need to be different.

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  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    I have just come across your website and blog and will be revisiting it for sure. As someone who has been training people in group facilitation skills for many years and is only now completing her MA studies in the area, I can relate to your background and the necessary self reflection that has brought you to this place.
    I set up (yet another) blog last week to try and document my limited research in the area and some of my processing of ideas. Right now the blog and all my web wanderings feel like diversion from the "serious" business of data analysis. I will be back soon and look forward to engaging further with some of your ideas and seeing how they relate to my own.


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