14 August 2009

On professional boundaries in a digital world

Two things.

I did dip my toe into social networking waters, but backed off because regardless of professional boundaries, the nature of the job is to expose oneself to at least hundreds of other people. Facebook does not understand information management in that sense--but there is no particular reason why it should. Note to those who want to use a Facebook/MySpace, etc. presence as a substitute VLE (generally a Good Idea)--do check identities and information control.

But technologically this post was a test. I read other blogs through Google Reader, which reliably feeds new material from selected sources onto a single page, from which I can if I wish go to the source with just one click. As of today, I can also publish with one click a copy of what I read to my own blog. It's quick and convenient but ... OK. I don't have to use it and I shan't.

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