23 November 2013

On Register Sudoku

The course leader has been chasing me for the register of attendance at the class I took a couple of weeks ago: I didn't bother to take one, so I was rather stuck. (Her predecessor was familiar with my relaxed attitude to such things and let me get away with it.) In mitigation, I had taken my first full-length class with the group, who are just beginning to establish themselves, and I didn't want to send them back to the beginning, as it were, just to introduce themselves to me--I'll get to know them soon enough. I could of course have used a signing-in sheet (or name-cards on the desk), as I would with a larger group, but I prefer to work at it in my own way, and if that means I can't do the register for a couple of weeks, then so be it.

This was my response (lightly edited):
This is like Sudoku. Or the pools. Perm any seven. I don't do registers-- almost 50 years in teaching and I've never really got the hang of them at this level!
Still, there were 7 present, of whom two were women, and one was Kate because I picked up someone using her name to attract her attention. This week Adrian asserted he was there last week, because I thought he wasn't (it must have been the suit that fooled me). Keith definitely was. Jamal was. I deduced from some of the conversation that the other woman present was Lynne, because she is from PrivateCollege  and wasn't present this week. Geoff wasn't present because he'd sent his apologies. Ted has a straight attendance record and I think I remember him. In the end it came down to a toss between Colin and Ahmed and I went for Ahmed because if I'm wrong it will have fewer consequences for him...

Who cares? Sorry!
(Names have been changed)

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  1. C'mon, James. Get with the programme! Or rather, get your ?HEI to - in this high-tech world we live in ask your Course Leader why she/her HEI hasn't introduced bar coding teachnology to enable you to simply wand the student IDs. Thus generating reports enabling not only measurement but attendance monitoring (records) and attendance analysis and attendance feedback/corrective action - Demings 4 Nos leading to TQM.


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