26 June 2013

Items to Share: 26 June

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Education Focus
  • Pragmatic Education: "[This] blog tries to moves the education debate beyond the quality of teaching, which we all agree is the most important factor we control in a school system, onto what drives improvement in the quality of teaching: leadership, training, the behaviour system, curriculum, assessment and ideas."
  • BPS Research Digest: Clinical psychology trainees outperform experienced therapists on knowledge and skills  "Conducted in Germany, this study pitched undergrad psychology students, postgrad clinical psychology trainees and experienced psychological therapists against each other on tests of psychological knowledge and skills. The slightly worrying result is that the trainees aced it, outperforming not just the students (on most tests) but also the experienced therapists. "The picture is not so bright" for the seasoned therapists, the researchers said. "Our results point to a decrease in knowledge and variability in clinical competence."
Other Business
  • Wine-tasting: it's junk science  "Hodgson's findings have stunned the wine industry. Over the years he has shown again and again that even trained, professional palates are terrible at judging wine." (Thanks to 3 Quarks Daily for the link.)
  • Margaret Wertheim – The limits of physics  "On the one hand, then, physics is taken to be a march toward an ultimate understanding of reality; on the other, it is seen as no different in status to the understandings handed down to us by myth, religion and, no less, literary studies."

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