14 April 2012

Items to share: 14 April

Education focus:

You Don't Remember Anything You Learn at School. Do You? - Lincoln Allison remembers lessons at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and University College, Oxford
Lucky guy (as was I). But it's not the same now, is it?

Felipe Fernández-Armesto recalls a golden age when learning was treasured (Times Higher Education)
I thought I was heterodox, sometimes! (http://www.doceo.co.uk/heterodoxy/education.htm)

The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Forever (Wired.com) On the free open-access courses on Artificial Intelligence.

Should Effort Count? Students Certainly Think So (Faculty Focus) --in terms of marks.

To flip or not to flip? The pros and cons of flipped classes: new material presented on-line, class time spent on exercises and practice.

Reading the dictionary (Joi Ito's Web) 'Shouldn't we be looking at the Internet as an amazing network enabling "The Power of Pull" and be empowering kids to learn through building things together rather than assessing their ability to complete courses and produce the right "answers"? (Comments also interesting.)

More generally:

The Knight’s Song, or What is a [scientific] theory? (Evolving Thoughts) Not as hard going as it first appears!

(Mark) Twain on inference about the past (Evolving Thoughts)

Age and wisdom: Older and wiser? (The Economist) Americans get wiser with age. Japanese are wise from the start

The human advantage: middle age (The Washington Post) A cheering take on our middle years!

What the 'limits of DNA' story reveals about the challenges of science journalism in the 'big data' age (The Last Word On Nothing)

John Cleese on the 5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative (Brain Pickings)

Are humans naturally religious? (First Things)

The Chocolate-and-Radish Experiment That Birthed the Modern Conception of Willpower (The Atlantic)

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