25 April 2010

On problem-solving crows

I've used Betty the Crow (bottom of the page) as an example of animal problem-solving for some time, but this material from New Zealand puts her in the shade.


  1. hi,

    will/are you ever going to discuss/refer to Hattie,J. 2009 Visible Learning and the the 'evidence based education' debate...?

    I am pleased you left social work ... fred notwithstanding....I did too -

    You STILL keep a pet !!!!!!!!


  2. Hattie is discussed at http://www.learningandteaching.info/teaching/what_works.htm, and the page is currently being revised to take account of the 2009 book, which has some interesting shifts of emphasis.
    Now he is making more of the feedback from learners to teachers;

    “...it is feedback to the teacher about what students can and cannot do that is more powerful than feedback to the student, and it necessitates a different way of interacting and respecting students.
    (Hattie, 2009;4)

    It is not enough to know that students aren’t getting the point, you have to know why and how they are failing to get it, and;

    “it is critical to ensure that ‘errors’ are welcomed, as they are key levers for enhancing learning”

    Good stuff. Watch this space...


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