26 November 2009

On a new think-tank and refreshing ideas

 I don't usual do direct political comment, but for once...

Philip Blond was on the Today programme this morning, talking about his new think-tank. He's coming from the Right, and Cameron is a fan, but some of his ideas must resonate with those of us for whom "New" (a.k.a. Old and Tired) Labout has run out of steam, and of road.

In particular he talked about the sheer cost to public services of regulation, inspection, bureaucracy and the compliance culture. He talked about restoring trust in services and professionals, and a new understanding of accountability. As anyone who has read some of my recent posts will know, that is a cause close to my heart.

He was less convincing the more specific he got (devolving community restoration budgets to the residents of sink estates is fraught with practical difficulties), but of course the outfit is only just starting up. So watch their space.

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