13 March 2009

On differ-ability

The morning session of the workshop to which I was contributing today was about student "diversity" --which is of course the current buzzword for "irritating students who do not fit our standard expectations..." (If you are a po-faced PC fundamentalist who does not do irony--don't bother to respond.)

Both of the contributors wanted to emphasise that being different does not mean being a "problem". My post yesterday about "eccentrics" in academe underlines this, but this TED video by paralympic athlete Aimee Mullins makes the point vividly (although most "impairments" do not offer as many options);

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  1. More in this vein (?) at http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20427286.400-aimee-mullins-two-legs-good-24-legs-better.html


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