25 May 2007

On "slow blogging"

This is a thoughtful post about how blogging to students works as a process of reflection and learning. (OK, it is occasionally a bit pretentious if your background is not in the humanities, but hey! she knows it!)

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  1. James - you commented on one of my student's blogs in which she was reflecting on Wesley Fryer's Digital Native dichotomy. You stated that people will use the technology when it suits them, and that is how it should be.
    Well - that may be correct for many people but I disagree with you when it comes to pre-service teachers and educators in the field. I believe that pre-service teachers need to be in these spaces and many other social networking and knowledge building spaces in order to understand the world in which their students are growing. This is where today's learners are 'hanging' out, collaborating, meeting and networking. Educators have the opportunity to tap into this kind of social learning space with blogs, wikis and many more online spaces. Or...we can allow engagement to begin at 3:30.....

    I find your personal bio puzzling: "those who can't teach, teach teachers to teach". What does that say about the future of education? I like to think that I am teaching because I have a strong record as an excellent teacher.


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